Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Section Section Meeting Registration Deadline September 15, 2015

Please remember to register at your earliest convenience for the upcoming Section in Fredericksburg.  
Barbara Wilper and I (Marge Shaffer) took a dry run.  
YOU WILL LOVE the Robin's Nest Cafe at beautiful Shannon Airport.  
Its lively decor mimics a 50's diner.  Our BBQ will be a big hit there on Friday night. 
The hotel is really nice and conveniently located amidst the historically quaint Fredericksburg downtown 
with charming sidewalks for strolling and nearly hidden patio cafes and restaurants for get-togethers. 
Love this town. The banquet is in a renovated yet fascinating railway station.  
We also visited the aromatic Whiskey plant located on a picturesque river. 
Join us for a fantastic weekend with so many other things to do and see.  
We shall be doing cartwheels on the taxi way while we wait for your registration forms.  
You can find the registration forms at:


Old Dominion Chapter