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Congratulations to Sugarloaf Member Brenda Tibbs - AOPA's Best Flight Instructor 2016!

Frederick woman wins AOPA's best flight instructor By Allen Etzler   13 hrs ago     1 Buy Now Staff photo by Bill Green Brenda Tibbs was selected by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as the best flight instructor in the country in 2016. She is shown with a Cessna 172 aircraft she teaches with at Frederick Municipal Airport. Tempe Huscha thinks her grandmother flies all the planes. In fact, the first time the 4-year-old saw a plane in the sky and was in the same room as her grandmother, Brenda Tibbs, Tempe looked at her grandmother with a face of confusion. “She didn’t know what was going on,” Tibbs said. “My daughter tells me she always points and says it’s Grandma” in the sky. Tibbs doesn’t fly all the planes. But she’s earning quite the reputation for teaching people to fly them. She was selected by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as the best

Merry Christmas From The Sugarloaf 99s!

Warm wishes to all -- enjoy all holidays being celebrated, stay warm, and congratulations to our newest instrument rated chapter member Carol G!!! -- maybe she'll help us navigate the new Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach posted at Frederick Airport for Christmas this year -- the Chimney Z -- but heed the caution that its not applicable with naughty children!  Carol -- did the examiner test you on Santa's hometown approach too?