Learning to Fly is one of the most rewarding and empowering things you can do for yourself. You can fly for a living or just for fun -- it's up to you and your career plans. 

Less than 6% of all licensed pilots are women so support is even more important for females looking to become involved with aviation. 

The most often asked questions we received are "How long does it take to become a pilot?" and "How much does it cost to become a pilot?". Both are great questions and the answers provided to you can be very different depending on many variables, like how often you can take lessons, the training aircraft chosen, the flight training school/plan you choose, and the support you receive, both monetary and social/academic, during the process.  
Some suggestions to get started are:

  • The 99's was formed to support a female pilot through her training and flying as a hobby or career. Join us at a meeting or contact us to discuss your aviation goals.
  • Take an Introductory Flight. You can schedule this by booking a Discovery Flight from a flight school, a 99's flight event, or Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles Flight to name a few. Check our Resources Tab for more information
  • Review the many scholarships available to help you financially. The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Foundation, a 99's Trust, awards scholarships annually for both initial flight training and advanced ratings. Other organizations like AOPA, EAA, and WAI also offer scholarships (see resources tab). In addition,  The Sugarloaf Chapter also awards our own scholarship annually:


The Sugarloaf Chapter 99s annually offers a scholarship in honor our “small but mighty”  chapter, who has provided inspiration and support to fellow aviatrix by helping support the women of our chapter and section pursue their aviation related goals. Funds may be used for any phase of flight training (initial pilot through ATP including instrument, instructor or other ratings), academic work related to aviation, air racing, or charity flying to a qualified applicant who is a student or full member of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. and also a  Sugarloaf Chapter or Mid-Atlantic Section Member.

Additional requirements are: (1) Initial Certificate and Instrument Rating requires a chapter or section mentor identified and recommendation letter written by your mentor (one of the two required) (2) Applicant Essay should include how you intend to use the funds, how any additional expenses will be covered to complete your chosen activity, how long you have been a student or full member, and a brief history of your volunteerism (3) At least one of the Letters of Recommendation should be from your CFI, Trainer, Teacher, Program Lead, etc. supporting your effort (4) Provide a copy of the Training or Event Program/Curriculum/Syllabus, etc. that outlines the activity to be funded (limit 2 pages).

Please note that applicant and mentor (if applicable) must report monthly to the Sugarloaf Scholarship Chair on Progress. Funds will be paid to the vendor or recipient directly after receipt of evidence achieving specific milestone(s) or other criteria agreed upon at the time of award notification.

Visit The Ninety-Nines, Inc. website and click on the "Scholarships" button to access the Scholarship Registry to find our application.  Other scholarships sponsored by International and other Sections, Chapters, and Individuals are listed too.

To help us continue to fund an annual scholarship we need your help and support. Please click on the "Support the Sugarloaf 99s" link on our main page to make a tax-deductible contribution.

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